Conditions of Purchase

You can safely buy all the products available in our system in our 100% protected online sales site and create as many orders as you want. You can put the products you want into your cart and make your payments with Paypal, Payu, Payoneer and many other payment methods in complete confidence. You can place your orders and make your payments from anywhere in the world. Or, to take advantage of our 15% discount opportunities, you can transfer money directly to our bank accounts up to the order amount and send your payment receipt to whatsapp contact address +5511 95207-0881.
Your orders are processed immediately after payment confirmation.



1-) Standard Shipments (This option includes delayed delivery)
Delivery times for such shipments are separate for each product, but it is possible to see delivery and shipping times in the product descriptions and before payment.
You do not pay shipping costs for standard shipments. But the customs fee in your country belongs to you.
(For Brazilian citizens, there is no customs fee on standard shipping. All taxes and other charges are covered by Berfin Ecomerce Comercio Importaçao e Exportaçao Produtos Alimenticios Viagens e Turismo Armazem e Transportes EIRELI (Sea & Cherry E-Comerce)
Deliveries for Standard Shipping are 20 to 45 business days after the product is shipped.

(According to the tax law of the countries, you do not pay customs duty for items up to a certain amount)
However, you may pay some taxes if your order is above the import limits of customs duty. This is the customer’s responsibility. Please check your country customs fee if you have some doubts.


Fast Delivery

2-) Fast Delivery (This option includes fast deliveries)
Delivery times for such shipments are separate for each product, but it is possible to see delivery and shipping times in the product descriptions and before payment.
Wherever you are in the world for fast shipping, you only pay an additional (Please contact with us for this deliveries option and shipping fees). In addition, the customs fee in your country belongs to you.
(For those who live in Brazil, the customs fee belongs to the buyer (If you choose fast shipment you will responsible. If you choose normal deliveries you will not pay any freights or customs fee). All tax charges are notified to you by the cargo companies that arrive in your country. You can also see them through the cargo tracking system)
Deliveries for Express Shipments are 4 to 8 business days after product is shipped.

Deliveries are made to the address of the recipient and the service is completed after delivery to the address.
Please keep track of the Cargo Tracking Number (AWB) given to you or available in our system in order to be aware of the taxes that may arise due to the products coming to your country’s customs. Please contact us in case of emergency.
Our company is not responsible for customs delays in buyers’ own countries. Our customers who fail to pay the customs tax and cause the product to return lose all the price they paid and cannot receive a refund fee.


Our products are properly packaged with full protection. Thus, your products arrive in perfect condition. For products sold by Sea & Cherry, the delivery information is separate for each product, but you can find these details in the description sections of each product. You can see the status of the products you have purchased through the cargo tracking system. Together with all official national postal service providers, we deliver to your door with normal Correios, FedEx, DHL, UPS and similar shipping companies wherever you are in the world.

(For companies, we serve with our own air cargo or sea shipments for large quantities. Our customers have the freedom to choose these options themselves. For large amounts of company purchases, contact [email protected] or whatsapp +55 11 95207-0881.)

If you choose to pay in installments on your credit card, the freight fee will also be added to this and your payments will be split equally in installments. Brazilian citizens can only pay in installments. Credit cards from countries other than Brazil cannot be paid in installments and are paid in one go.


SEA & CHERRY E-COMERCE undertakes to assist consumers in all matters necessary regarding the exchange and return of purchased products in accordance with the rules contained in the CPC (Consumer Protection Code). Accordingly, when receiving your order, we recommend that you check that all delivered products are properly sealed in their original packaging. If the consumer finds any irregularity during the delivery of the order; In cases such as damaged packaging or different products, etc., they must notify us within 24 hours from the time of receipt. Notifications can be made by phone (SAC – Customer Service). Our number to contact by phone is: +55 16 98828-3734. Our number to reach via Whatsapp: +5511 95207-0881. It is also possible to reach us online through our site. In such cases, please contact us by photographing the damaged or problematic situation so that we can understand the problem of the product. It will be very useful for quick solution of this problem.


1) Our services are performed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you leave a message on Whatsapp or by e-mail from the moment you have difficulty in communication, your right to appeal will not be lost, as your application will be evaluated based on the time and date you left the message. Your messages will be returned as soon as possible.
2) The deadline for claiming an irregularity or defect in the product is 30 calendar days after receiving the product. (This applies to electronically or manually used products. For food and consumer products, this is limited to 24 hours.)
3) In order to receive the request, the invoice must be present and the invoice number must be given or the order number must be declared together with the product image.


4) In the event of a claim of irregularity or defect in the product, Sea & Cherry E-Comerce is responsible for the following situations:
a) The product is replaced by another of the same type, in perfect condition for consumption or use, b) Refund of the amount paid: * Credit Card: Return to the card (after product return) * Cash refund for transfers made directly to the bank: within 7 business days after returning the shipped goods.
5) If the irregularity or defect in the product is proven, shipping / recall costs will be the responsibility of Mercado Turquia and will not impose any burden on the customer.
6) Requests for re-delivery caused by the consumer’s wrong product purchases or withdrawals are the sole responsibility of the consumer and will also create a new freight cost to the consumer.
7) If the consumer requests to return the wrong or damaged product, he / she should never use the product he / she bought, damage the original state and make a true statement.