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Conjunto de Chaleira&Bule de Chá Otomano Rosa

Codigo: Berf-Tombik340

R$ 578,00 R$ 552,90

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Conjunto de Chaleira&Bule de Chá Otomano Rosa


100% Original – Made in Turkey

2 peças

Estilo colorido e moderno para excelente Chá Turca…

Care & Usage
While Using Our Products, Points That You Have To Be

Before first usage, Güral Home products must be washed with dish washing detergent in warm water.
To prevent the stains which may occur on the products due to water lime and minerals, products must be wiped with a soft cloth after each washing.
Hand scourers and extra efficient detergents must not be used in hand washing.
Product must be cleaned after each use. After washing, store your fully dry product on shelve or in cupboard.
Do not use hard brushes and extra efficient cleansing materials for cleaning kitchen products. Otherwise, scratches on the surfaces are inevitable. For avoiding possible stains on the inner surface, products must be rinsed and then used after each cleansing.

Somente lavagem à mão

Não use detergentes agressivos ou esponja de aço

Chaleira: Esmalte

Bule de Chá: Porcelana

Garantia: 90 dias

Codigo: Berf-Tombik340

As entregas estão entre 12-17 dias

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