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Conjunto de Faca, Garfo e Colher Marfim/ 75 Peças/037

Codigo: Berfin-Lotus-39

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Conjunto de Faca, Garfo e Colher Marfim/ 75 Peças/037


100% Original – Made in Turkey

75 Peças

Instruções de lavagem:
* Não pode lavar na máquina. Apenas lavar a mão
* Depois de usar limpa rápido que. Não posso ficar muito tempo sujo.

12 pcs colher para jantar
12 pcs garfo para jantar
12 pcs faca para jantar
12 pcs colher para doce
12 pcs garfo para doce
12 pcs faca para doce
12 pcs colher de chá
1 peça concha para servicos
1 peça coador para servicos
1 peça colher para servicos
1 peça espátula
1 peça garfo para servicos
1 peça caixa madeira

Durabilidade e elegância!

18/10 Cr-Ni Aço Inoxidável

Care & Usage
While Using Our Products, Points That You Have To Be
Technical Specifications of the Products: Stem of spoons, forks and knives are made of 18/10 stainless steel. While 18% Chrome provides protection against rust and stain, 10% Nickel gives shine and colour to the products. This
Chrome/Nickel combination ensures long term performance in case of regular protection is provided.
Usage of the products: Cutting edges of all knives are sharpened and strengthened for perfect cutting performance. Since the cutting edges of the knives contain carbon steel combination, they are sensitive to acidic food, long term wetness and dishwashers. The most important thing to prevent corrosion is washing and wiping the knives at once after using. Since stainless steel features with becoming comparatively less rusty than other metals, it is used in cutlery sets. But, it must not be forgotten that stainless steel is metal and tends to corrosion if not used with necessary care.
Care and Usage Instructions: Before first using, wash it in warm soapy water for the purpose of cleaning metallic residues on the products. After washing, the products must be rinsed and wiped thoroughly.
After using, stainless steel products must be washed at once. Salt and acid of food residue on the product can influence stainless steel negatively. Long term contact with salt, vinegar, egg, tomato and tomato sauce, acidic fruits cause corrosion and loss of gloss. For this reason; wash, rinse and wipe the products after food contact.
To clean food residues, hot soapy water and a soft brush must be used
Do not use abrasive cleansers. (like hand scourers etc).
Stainless steel sets must not be left long in water (even there is no other thing in the water) Calcium and other minerals in the water have oxidising character for steel.
Avoid using efficient detergents (containing lemon and polisher) that can damage the cutting edges.
Products must not be used out of purpose. ( can opening, screwing by knife etc.)
Product must not get in contact with flame directly.
Stainless steel products must not be kept in plastic packages. Especially, damp products, which are not well dry, may cause corrosion.
If water hardness is high, softener may be needed.
In cases where it is difficult to clean rust, special stainless steel cleansers can be used.
Gold plated products, products with Swarovski stones and other plated products must be hand washed and must be dried thoroughly, at once.
Dishwashers can seldom be used, but the products must be rinsed and dried properly.

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Codigo: Berfin-Lotus-39

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