SHIPPING AND RESPONSIBILITIES Cargo delivery and delivery times of the ordered products are specified on the product information page. All products will be shipped within the time specified on the product page after order confirmation is received. In case of delay, you can find out the reason for the delay from our contact addresses. Unless there is an important motive, the times specified on the product page will be observed and your products will be delivered to cargo within 2 to 5 business days at the latest. All our cargoes are delivered from Istanbul. Depending on the delivery address given by the customer, the orders will be delivered to the recipient’s address within the specified delivery dates after they are delivered to the cargo.In case of tailored or tailored orders, this can be followed from the order page, taking into account the preparation time of the product. In special delivery cases (orders for personalized products), if the delivery time is not specified on the product page, the delivery time must be confirmed before ordering. After the order is received, the team will contact the customer about the dates within 1 business day and confirm the details.

Address or Product ChangeWhen ordering the product, please make sure that your address, contact and whatsapp numbers are correctly processed in the system for easier access. This makes it easy for your order to reach you quickly and ensures that there is no return. You may lose all your paid rights in returns caused by incorrect address and our company cannot be held responsible for this.You can replace the products you ordered with other products within 24 hours, cancel within 48 hours and get a refund. You can also change your delivery addresses within 48 hours for standard shipments and within 72 hours for fast shipments. In such cases, you must first change this address from the mercadoturquia account section and then confirm it by contacting us. Even if the unconfirmed address changes on the system, deliveries can be made over the first address. For this reason, make sure that the transactions are carried out within the specified period.Return ProcessThe customer can return the purchased product only if there are valid reasons.What are these reasons:Products are damaged or expired, broken or deformed so that they cannot be used or consumed, the ordered product is not the same as the product received.In such cases, you must initiate the return request within 24 hours for food products and within 7 days for non-food products. In such cases, in order to start the return process, you need to contact us via Whatsapp, phone +55 11 9 5207 0881 and create a complaint form. You have to prove this with pictures or a short video on the opened complaint form. When these conditions are met, the free return process will be initiated and your money will be refunded. If desired, the product or products subject to your order will be sent to you again. 1-) If your order is not shipped or the product cannot be supplied within the specified period,2-) If the ordered product is damaged in cargo,3-) If it has been lost or stolen in the cargo,4-) If the address could not be delivered due to problems not caused by the buyer,Our company is directly responsible and the buyer does not lose any rights in such cases. The re-shipment of the product will be made at no additional charge or a refund will be made.Even if the customer wants to return a product he has bought for valid reasons, if the product is damaged or used, the return request will not be accepted. In such cases, please keep the product you are returning as received and contact us in this way.If the specified standards are not exceeded in custom made products (suits, jackets, pants, skirts, souvenirs and similar products), no refund can be made.